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Nordic Drivers provides vehicles, drivers and support personnel for individuals and small groups travelling in Finland and the Nordic countries.

We welcome all travellers to the beautiful Nordics and serve both business and holiday travellers.

With us, our clients can blend in and really enjoy the possibility of travelling with privacy. We don’t provide personnel in black suits and we don’t drive blacked out Mercedes. But still, we are professionals and the quality of our service is never compromised.

Nordic Drivers offers expedition style transportation around the most beautiful part of the world. Our staff is hand picked and they are experienced working in high risk and high stress situations. Our clients safety and privacy is our mission.

Remember that during and after COVID-19, the safest way to travel is by professional private service. We serve only one client at a time. This way we can focus all our resources to the best possible service.

Contact us at, and let us know what kind of travel plans you have. Kiitos!

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